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falling asleep // LYING AWAKE, 2022

Falling In // GETTING OUT, 2022

Four long scrolls sit side-by-side-by-side-by-side, corners held to the wall by wooden french cleats, which are hidden and wrapped behind the paper, and are secured to the walls with french cleats, tape, and screws. The scrolls start 14 feet off the ground, cascading onto the ground and rolling out onto the floor. They bear slight physical creases from un/rolling. Their titles, left-to-right, are: “falling asleep” (“asleep” is positioned to the lower right of “falling,” as though fallen itself), “LYING AWAKE” (in close proximity and all-caps), “Falling In” (the first of the group to be typed in a gentle sans serif font), and “GETTING OUT” (written in sans serif in close-crowded caps).

I Am True to My Oscillations

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