Signal Lost (2022)

Game: Created by Iris Xie
Description: Signal Lost is a party card game about solving miscommunication through non-verbal means, in a space and astronaut setting. I wanted to create a fun game that still explores my feelings of frustration about when I am not understood properly due to my neurodivergence, and wanted to use the mechanics to create friction while also adding some humor to the experience.

Alt Text Image Description (Co-written by Hannah Sullivan Facknitz, Sarah Cavar, Iris Xie)

The box, booklet, and cards before you is of paper and cardboard printed in various colors of indigo, forest green, burgundy, sky blue, fuchsia, and light pink, with spectral, glitch-like boundaries that fade to a light blue, like the cover somehow lost its dye. Across this bleeding color, faint isometric circles are tangled throughout. Dotted white lines of various sizes freefall across the indigo-white-blue
spectral landscape.
On the box cover and the booklet, centered, large bold black letters in all caps read, “Signal Lost.” On the bottom left the text reads, created by Iris Xie and on the bottom right the box explains it is home to a party board game for 3 or more players. As “Signal” sits atop “Lost” the “I” and “L” connect as one.  On the cards, they say the following words, Keeper, Receiver, Astronaut, Message, Channel, and Key.