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Through the methods of installation and analog game design, I found several avenues for exploration to express my lived experience in relation to disability justice and crip technoscience. These methods allowed me to create provocative and interactive playful experiences as joyful and restful resistance for visitors and players who share the pressure of living in an ableist society. This method of approaching the design of the installation incorporated my experiences as a scholar-activist-artist-writer into my design work and my background in Ethnic Studies and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, creative writing, and other humanities scholarship. Being able to examine the subject of this thesis through these additional lenses of inquiry enabled me to expand my exploration to create new knowledge via critical and creative means to integrate disability justice into game design and installation work for public engagement.


In addition, I rooted my work in narrative game design and narrative research methods, such as testimonio, which is a qualitative narrative research methodology where one uses various mediums such as spoken word, memoir, poetry, and other forms to self-report narratives of political urgency. I used testimonio as a method and inspiration for how my numerous design projects explore different aspects of my personal journey. The installation reflects a theme of political urgency associated with disability justice, and puts forward the necessity for rest and joyful resistance that affirms disabled bodyminds must be a vital part of designing for our collective futures. In support of these goals, I also incorporated speculative fiction writing and speculative design practices to approach worldbuilding as a craft practice. These multiple methods highlight my critiques about how an ableist world disregards disabled knowledges and people, when we should be paying attention and prioritizing alternative forms of community building and worldbuilding that prioritizes disabled lives.

I Am True to My Oscillations

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